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State Policy Network (SPN)

Who Are They?

Boasting a national annual budget of $83 million dollars, the SPN is a network of right organizations that create cookie-cutter blueprints to advocate for the disenfranchisement of minorities, privatize education, slash environmental protections, gut voting rights, eradicate workers’ rights, and impose a tilted tax system at the expense of the middle-class.  

Undermining Democracy

SPN affiliates have been at the forefront of undermining democracy in states across the country by trying to strip voting rights from communities of color. The Freedom Foundation was involved in working to pass racist voter ID laws in 2005 in Washington State and most recently the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty has been attempting to purge Wisconsin’s voter rolls of hundreds of thousands of people of color.

What’s Their Agenda?

Behind the scenes, SPN groups have admitted (both on video and in writing) that their goal is to defund the unions and advance anti-worker, right-wing causes and candidates. This is a complete and utter violation of the organization’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Furthermore, SPN groups willingly take money from organizations and individuals that have connections to white supremacists, fund, and advocate for gay conversion therapy, and call for racist immigration policies.

Who Funds Them?

The State Policy Network doesn’t disclose their donors but our research shows they are funded by right-wing billionaires, most notorious of which are the Kochs, who funnel money through the Donors Trust and the Donor’s Capital Fund.

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