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The Freedom Foundation: Opposing An Agenda for the Middle Class

The Freedom Foundation has repeatedly opposed increases in the minimum wage and has said that a $15 minimum wage is “an idea so stupid only liberals can believe it.”

The Freedom Foundation wants to eliminate paid sick leave and has even authored a national report opposing paid sick leave for all workers.

The Freedom Foundation is a long-time advocate of so-called Right to Work Laws. They have sponsored at least five local initiatives and have advocated for it at a state level. These laws have proven to lead to lower wages, the loss of benefits and less safe working conditions.

The Freedom Foundation has a joined a coalition in Oregon that is working to cut the “retirement, disability and health insurance fund” of Public Workers. They compare retirement security to the Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Bernie Madoff.

Freedom Foundation fought for cuts to public schools. They have argued against increasing education funding saying it is not important and has nothing to do with student outcomes. [Port Orchard Independent, Guest Column: Leonard, 8/27/2009]



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