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WATCH: The “Freedom” Foundation’s Embarrassing Live Video

On Wednesday, the anti-student “Freedom” Foundation had to embarrassingly abort a Facebook Live performance just minutes after it started. It’s not surprising they had to abandon ship considering they were presenting an agenda that would endanger children across the state. Outrage exploded in the comment section as National Director Aaron Withe glibly suggested pushing kids back to school during a pandemic, suggesting COVID was no worse than the flu, and that “we can’t put people in bubble wrap.”

The dam broke when Withe said keeping kids out of schools during a pandemic was just a ploy to remove Trump from office in November. With his oblivious and partisan monologue complete, he finally looked down at the comments to answer questions — and he didn’t like what he saw: dozens of pro-worker, pro-student, and anti-Freedom Foundation responses in the comment section. We’ve pieced together all his stunned looks and bumbling response in this video:

In the comments, one person wrote, “I can’t believe that after attacking teachers, caregivers and home healthcare providers, you’ve decided to go directly after the kids themselves. Horrific on all levels.”

Another said: “How much death is acceptable to you?” And “Wow, you must be the last ones not taking this pandemic seriously? Over 5 million people have contracted the virus in our country and more than 160,000 have died.” There were dozens of more comments just like that.

A stunned Withe pulled the plug shortly thereafter. Their dangerous idiocy plays well in right-wing fundraising circles, but when they bring it to the general public it’s obvious how insulting and foolish they look. While the rest of us are working together to get through the pandemic safely, the extremist “Freedom” Foundation is making money exploiting it.

Aaron, we all have plenty of questions about where you get off endangering other people’s children, but none you cared to answer. Better luck next time.

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