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The Extremist “Freedom” Foundation Honored the Disgraced Attorney Assisting Trump in His Attack on Our Democracy

Just days before the assault on our nation’s Capitol, the now-infamous Cleta Mitchell joined embattled President Trump on last week’s leaked phone call where he bullied and threatened Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger to “find” nearly 12,000 votes to overturn the will of the Georgia Voters. Fallout from her complicity in what could be construed as a seditious coup by the sitting President was swift, including a separation from her law firm. Public fury rose quickly against her underhanded attacks against America’s greatest institution, our elections.


In a shocking, although not altogether surprising revelation, it has been uncovered that Mitchell was celebrated as a guest speaker at the extremist ”Freedom” Foundation’s Honors Dinner in 2015. In an invite to the extremist group’s event, CEO Tom McCabe, lauded Mitchell as “a fearless conservative attorney who has over 40 years experience fighting for freedom” and “the lynchpin of the entire conservative movement.” She returned the fawning praise by saying, “I know that with your support of Tom McCabe and the Freedom Foundation, we are going to win this battle.”


At the same dinner, Mitchell was joined by former Washington State Representative Matt Shea, who has fallen into similar disgrace after publishing a violent manifesto that encouraged training children for a holy war.

These are the types of people who gravitate to the extremist “Freedom” Foundation, and notably, the group has neither rebuked nor publicly separated from either of the offenders. They claim to be about freedom and America, but as their choice of honored guests shows, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

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