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Mobile billboard in Portland, Vancouver pressures Wells Fargo

Ad calls on Wells Fargo Executive Grubb to stop supporting anti-LGBT agenda;
Portland groups asking City to reexamine relationship with Wells Fargo

mobile billboardPortland, OR –  You may see a new mobile billboard on Portland and Vancouver streets calling on Wells Fargo Executive Vice President Jeffrey Grubb to stop supporting groups that promote anti-LGBT agendas.

The roaming billboard, scheduled to travel Portland and Vancouver, WA streets this week, promotes a new public petition to Wells Fargo, urging the bank to distance itself from extremist groups in the Pacific Northwest. (Email for billboard schedule and locations.)

At issue is Wells Fargo Executive Jeffery Grubb’s role as one of three trustees for Murdock Charitable Trust, a billion-dollar funder of anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice, anti-worker and other extremist organizations, located in Vancouver, WA.

With Wells Fargo Executive Grubb at the helm, the Murdock Charitable Trust has awarded millions of dollars to groups that target environmentalists, LGBTQ rights, Grubb Mobile Sides Final (1)_001workers’ rights, and women’s health including:

  • Focus on the Family and the Alliance Defending Freedom, organizations whose co-founder James Dobson has suggested that AIDS is one that way God punishes the LGBTQ community for immorality and has supported gay conversion therapy.
  • The Portland Fellowship, which has provided the harmful and discredited practice of gay conversion therapy.
  • Several so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” throughout the Pacific Northwest which masquerade as places where women can get information about abortion — but offer no such services. Instead, the goal of CPCs is to persuade women to follow through with a pregnancy, regardless of what factors may have led a woman to seek termination.
  • The Olympia-based Freedom Foundation, which is leading the charge against an increased minimum wage, against paid sick days, and against workers’ right to organize.

“The mobile billboards are a creative way to raise public awareness about Wells Fargo’s links to this controversial right wing funder.  Progressive groups are asking the cities of Portland and Seattle to reexamine their contracts with Wells Fargo, and we hope Wells Fargo customers will also take action and sign the petition,” said Heather Weiner, spokesperson for the Northwest Accountability Project.

Dozens of organizations are asking the cities of Portland and Seattle to reconsider their financial relationships and contracts with Wells Fargo in light of Grubb’s connections to Murdock Trust.

The City of Portland is already reconsidering their contracts with Wells Fargo for links to for-profit prisons.

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