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Tell your legislators: Hold the Freedom Foundation accountable

Working families are demanding the state hold the Koch brothers-funded Freedom Foundation accountable for their abuse of state and federal non-profit laws.

A recent article published in The Guardian details how the Freedom Foundation’s politically motivated tactics of attacking unions in the Pacific Northwest are actually part of a larger plan to enact a far-right political agenda that includes an anti-LGBTQ, anti-women, and anti-environment agenda.

Being a willing operative in the overt political scheme to attack workers’ rights to defund labor unions and elect Republican candidates means that the Freedom Foundation is directly violating their tax-exempt nonprofit status. As a 501(c)3 organization, they are required to be nonpartisan in order to collect tax-exempt contributions. The Freedom Foundation’s blatant disregard of the rule skirts the law and puts the burden on taxpayers.

Enough is enough. Even though working families are rejecting the Freedom Foundation, no organization should be allowed to break the law, harass honest working people to push an extremist agenda and get away with it.

For years, Freedom Foundation staffers have harassed working families across Washington and Oregon to help their lost political cause, even hiring overtly racist canvassers and one staffer who joked about bringing a gun to union households. It is time that our legislators stand with Northwest families by holding the Freedom Foundation accountable for their continual abuse of our laws.

Join us in contacting our state legislators to urge them to hold the Freedom Foundation accountable for violating their tax-exempt status. Working families have had enough of their ongoing efforts to destroy our economic security for the sake of their billionaire friends.

We are stronger together. Take action now.

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