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Contact Your State Representative: Rep. Mike Nearman Should Be Removed From Office


Can we count on you to thank your State Representative for holding Rep. Mike Nearman accountable and call on them to remove him from office? Representatives like Mike Nearman do not deserve to serve our state.


In a dark foreshadowing of what we saw in our nation’s capital on January 6, a mob of armed protesters broke windows and stormed the state capitol in Salem, Oregon, on December 21st. The agitated crowd, waving pitchforks and Trump flags, tried to vandalize our capitol and disrupt a legislative session that was planning COVID-19 safety measures. The building had been closed to the public as a caution against viral transmission.

Across the chaotic day, members of the mob assaulted police officers, fashioned battering rams to smash windows and doors of the building, and broke inside. It took two hours for police to push the rioters back outside.

On January 7, Oregon Speaker of the House Tina Kotek announced that video footage from the riot revealed Oregon Representative Mike Nearman (R-23) intentionally left a door open for the rioters to enter. He is under investigation by Oregon State Police for the alleged act.

We’re proud of Speaker Kotek for swiftly and publicly calling out Nearman for his malicious actions. Elected officials who abuse their privileged status to endanger our democracy should be held fully accountable. Can we count on you to contact leadership and ask them to hold Rep. Nearman accountable to the highest extent possible? Use our template to send an email now.

Rep. Nearman moonlights as a “Freedom” Foundation staffer, an organization dedicated to defunding public services, privatizing education, and taking away the voices of workers in the workplace. He once led an anti-immigrant hate group. Representatives like Mike Nearman are not fit to serve our state.

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