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Freedom Foundation staff publicly opposed the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage arguing that it is a “threat to personal freedom.”

The Freedom Foundation shares financial ties with groups who support gay conversion therapy.

The Freedom Foundation has repeatedly opposed increases in the minimum wage.

The Freedom Foundation has argued against paid sick days.

Freedom Foundation staff has argued against increasing education funding, claiming it has nothing to do with student success.

The Freedom Foundation filed a lawsuit to block policies that would combat climate change and protect the environment.

The Freedom Foundation lists “property rights” as a major area of focus and has repeatedly sought to block conservation efforts under this guise.

The Freedom Foundation has strong ties to the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council and has supported some of the group’s model legislation. ALEC has a history of promoting anti-immigrant and voter suppression bills in states across the nation.

The Freedom Foundation’s staff consistently attacks Planned Parenthood, an organization that is dedicated to providing women health services, calling them a “radical social organization” and a “baby-killing, body-part brokering, government money consuming machine.”


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