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Statement on Rep. Mike Nearman Heading the Freedom Foundation in Oregon

In light of Rep. Mike Nearman’s appointment as Oregon state director of the Freedom Foundation, Peter Starzynski, Executive Director of the Northwest Accountability Project issued the following statement

“It’s not surprising that the Freedom Foundation would pick someone like Rep. Mike Nearman to head their failed Oregon operation. In addition to being rabidly anti-worker, he sits on the fringe of Oregon politics and has been a key leader of an anti-immigrant hate group. He once called developmentally disabled workers “subsidized workers,” has opposed expanding healthcare to low-income Oregonians referring to it as “candy” and even opposed making insurance companies cover people with pre-existing conditions. He has openly defended racist Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio, and called for the privatization of education. His key donors are veritable who’s who of extreme right-wing organizations like the anti-LGBTQ Oregon Family Council. He is so extreme that after he won his first primary, Republican State Senators Brian Boquist and Larry George created a website attacking his credentials. The Freedom Foundation claims to care about workers but this hire confirms exactly what the Freedom Foundation’s values are and where their priorities lie.

But ultimately, it doesn’t really matter who leads the Freedom Foundation as their entire campaign has been a failure and will continue to be. Working families in Oregon remain strong, continuing to win at the ballot box and on the issues that matter most like increased wages, benefits, more funding for education and better working conditions.”

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