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Our Letter About the Freedom Foundation

If you’ve seen the Freedom Foundation’s name in the news, it’s important that you understand more about them, their backers and the lies they tell. The Freedom Foundation is funded by a who’s who of right-wing billionaires including the Kochs and the State Policy Network which has admitted their goal is to “defund and defang” unions in an effort to help elect right-wing candidates. They take money from extremist foundations that support anti-LGBTQ  and anti-immigrant organizations. What they’re not telling their funders or you, is that their campaign is failing. Since the Freedom Foundation launched in Oregon in 2015, unions have won big on issues that matter for working families at the bargaining table, in the legislature, and at the ballot box. In that timeframe, Democrats have gained seats in the legislature and have passed one of the most pro-worker legislative agendas in the country including increasing the minimum wage, paid sick leave for all and adding two billion dollars to our schools per biennium. State workers secured their biggest wage increase in a decade, grocery store workers beat the mega-corporation that runs Fred Meyer and University of Oregon workers won a great contract after approving a strike. Union members are much smarter than the Freedom Foundation thinks and aren’t falling for their anti-working families agenda. Our organization is committed to telling the truth about the Freedom Foundation, even if they won’t tell the truth about themselves.

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