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Northwest Accountability Project Files PDC Complaint Against Defeated Centralia School Board Candidate, Jami Lund

Centralia, WA – The Northwest Accountability Project (NWAP) filed a Public Disclosure Commission (“PDC”) Citizen Complaint against Jami Lund, a losing candidate for Centralia School Board for multiple disclosure violations in his 2019 campaign finance reports. Mr. Lund lost his bid for reelection while serving as a policy analyst for the dark money, anti-union group that calls themselves the “Freedom Foundation.”

“Despite what he may think, Mr. Lund is not above the law,” said Peter Starzynski, Executive Director of the NWAP, a watchdog organization that closely tracks extremist groups in the Northwest like the Freedom Foundation and the Washington Policy Center. “He is required to follow the rules set in place by the people of Washington like everyone else. Even if he loses.”

The complaint points to multiple potential violations on his reporting to the PDC. These violations include not disclosing his employer, the Freedom Foundation, when he loaned his own campaign money in June of 2019, omitting information about contributors to his campaign, and improperly describing expenditures made by his campaign.

Concerns have already been raised about Lund’s ties to a special interest like the Freedom Foundation. Earlier this year, in what appeared to be a clear abuse of power, Lund sent emails to Centralia educators in his capacity as a staffer at the Freedom Foundation, asking them to drop their union membership. Some have attributed his shadowy behavior and position at the Freedom Foundation to his election defeat. “These types of activities by Mr. Lund – hiding certain aspects of your profession or abusing your position as a school board member to further the agenda of a special interest – makes perfect sense when you understand the Freedom Foundation,” Starzynski continued. 

The Freedom Foundation is a political organization which is trying and failing to undermine unions and help elect extreme politicians, like Lund. They do this without disclosing their donors and in violation of their 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. The Freedom Foundation has its own track record of campaign finance violations. The latest was a lawsuit filed by the Washington Attorney General based on a complaint originating at the PDC and filed by the NWAP. The Washington AG called the Freedom Foundation a “repeat offender of our campaign finance laws.”

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