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Local Hyatt Hotel Snubbing Corporate Policy by Hosting White Supremacist This September

In 2018, it was discovered that a Hyatt hotel in Virginia was hosting a conference for an anti-Muslim hate group called Act for America. Public backlash was swift, pushing Mark Hoplamazian, the CEO of Hyatt, to announce they would no longer be renting space to hate groups. Hoplamazian then announced memos were sent to staff at their hotels across the United States, clarifying the new policy. From the looks of it, the Hyatt Regency Bellevue and its GM Lance Marrin didn’t get the memo, as they have booked a fundraiser on September 21 whose keynote speaker is a prominent voice for white supremacy.

The fundraiser is for an extremist group out of Olympia called the Freedom Foundation, a failing, anti-union organization that pushes a far-right agenda in hopes of electing more Republicans to office. They have hired FoxNews pundit Laura Ingraham to be the keynote speaker at the banquet. When Hyatt swore off hate groups in their hotels, Hoplamazian said, “If a group is primarily focused on disparaging a group by virtue of their identity… that’s really where we need to draw the line.” Yet, it would be difficult to more aptly describe Ingraham’s brand of anti-immigrant hate speech.

You can send an email to the manager of the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, Lance Marrin and tell them not to host a white supremacist.

Ingraham has made tens of millions of dollars over her career advancing a hateful, divisive agenda that promotes antisemitism, homophobia, and white supremacy. She has said that immigrants are coming to replace “old America with new America,” and that Mexican immigrants “have come here to murder and rape our people.” She said immigration is pushing “western civilization” to “tipping over a cliff.” This particular brand of white supremacist rhetoric inspired the recent mass shooting terrorist attack in El Paso that killed 22 people.

Ingraham is “mainstreaming” white supremacy not only through her own speech but also by elevating the voices of other white nationalists, such as Paul Nehlen. Nehlen is a known anti-Semite who was seen in a T-shirt that celebrated the shooter of the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, where 11 people were murdered. Ingraham gave national attention to Nehlen by listing him as one of the “prominent voices censored on social media.”

We agree with Hoplamazian’s assessment of hate groups in Hyatt hotels: “we need to commit to a higher level of vetting such that groups using hate speech, primarily seeking to disparage or demean a particular group, are not welcome in our hotels.” We’re asking you to demand that the Hyatt Regency Bellevue follow their own corporate policy and NOT host the hate speech of Laura Ingraham in September. There is no room for hate at Hyatt, or in Washington state.

Use our tool to send a tell the Hyatt Regency Bellevue general manager to cancel the Freedom Foundation’s Laura Ingraham event.

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