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Out-of-State Billionaires Exploiting the Pandemic for Political Purposes

While public-sector union members are vigorously fighting the COVID-19 pandemic on the front lines, putting themselves and their families at risk, the failing State Policy Network and their affiliates are exploiting this deadly virus to attack workers’ rights and further the political agenda of their billionaire funders.

One of those affiliates is the anti-worker Freedom Foundation, a group who has long argued against paid sick leave policies, increasing the minimum wage, and other benefits for working people. Their Director of Labor Policy Maxford Nelsen even went as far as to declare that life-saving paid sick leave policies are a cure “worse than the disease.” They have shamefully attacked frontline workers, attempting to get politicians to use the crisis to destroy the unions that are fighting for hazard pay and more access to personal protective equipment (PPE). In these times of worldwide pandemic, their anti-worker stance is literally sickening.

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