Customers, community demanding Wells Fargo cut ties to Murdock Trust

Tuesday, April 26 11:00AM

Wells Fargo VP linked to group behind North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law

 Portland, OR:  In reaction to recent news reports, (Willamette WeekPortland Business Journal) customers and community supporters are demanding Jeffery Grubb, a Wells Fargo top executive in Portland, cut ties with the Murdock Charitable Trust, located in Vancouver, WA.

The Murdock Trust is a major funder of anti-LGBT groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Arizona group behind a recent wave of efforts to repeal LGBT discrimination protections in North Carolina and other states.

Aopril 26 1“We’re holding Wells Fargo accountable for looking the other way while Jeffery Grubb, one its high level executives, helps fund the very groups trying to repeal LGBT discrimination protections,” says Diana Pei Wu, Executive Director of Portland Jobs with Justice and Wells Fargo customer. “As customer, I think it’s a conflict of interest, and just plain unethical, to run marketing campaigns to bring in the money of LGBT customers like me while allowing one of your senior executives to work towards hurting our LGBT families and communities.”

Portland groups recently asked the Mayor and City Council to consider divesting from Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo Executive Vice President by day, Jeffery Grubb is one of just three trustees for the billion-dollar Murdock Charitable Trust, one of Northwest’s largest charitable foundations.

The Murdock Trust sends millions to anti-LGBT groups including:

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