Anne Marie Gurney Still Doesn’t Know What’s Going On

A few weeks ago the Freedom Foundation’s resident “expert” on labor policy, Max Nelsen, wrote a hopeful blog about a failed anti-worker ballot measure in Oregon, IP 62, believing that it still had the potential to qualify for the November ballot. We are always happy to educate the Freedom Foundation about actual labor policy so we corrected their assertion that the measure still had a chance to go to the ballot. We do this because the Freedom Foundation likes to brag about all of their supposed accomplishments, in an attempt to squeeze more money from their out-of-state billionaire funders, but it’s important for everyone, including those funders, to know that they often have no idea what they are talking about.  

Well, apparently we still need to educate the Freedom Foundation staff because just a few days ago, Freedom Foundation Oregon Director and failed legislative candidate Anne Marie Gurney claimed that IP 62 still has a shot at the November ballot. On an August 20 podcast, Gurney said: “I can’t tell if they have gotten enough signatures. I’m not ready to say IP 62 is not going to be on the ballot in the fall…”

Well, the Oregon Secretary of State, state law and the actual committee backing this measure have said IP 62 will not be on the ballot. Anyone who Googles the Oregon Secretary of State’s office will see that the deadline for turning in signatures was in early July. But Gurney isn’t buying it: “IP 62 people are putting money into signature gathering” she continued.

The Freedom Foundation is funded by out-of-state billionaires trying to undermine working families, leaving people like Anne Marie Gurney and Max Nelsen oblivious to the actual struggles of working people in Oregon and Washington. They can’t even take the time to understand policy that impacts working families. They should not be trusted.

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