New Video Highlights Wells Fargo Executive’s Ties To Funding Hate

This week, we launched a new video highlighting Wells Fargo senior executive Jeffrey Grubb’s position as a trustee of the Murdock Charitable Trust. The Murdock Trust is a Vancouver, Washington-based funder that donates millions of dollars each year to extremist organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Freedom Foundation. We are calling on Wells Fargo and Mr. Grubb to distance themselves from the Murdock Trust.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is one of the major proponents of North Carolina’s so-called “bathroom bill,” HB 2, and has opposed anti-bullying efforts in public schools. The group has also promoted and defended laws in other countries that allow for homosexuals to be imprisoned. ADF’s co-founder even suggested that AIDS is one way God punishes the LGBTQ community. [Media Matters, 4/16/15]

The Murdock Trust has provided significant funding to the Freedom Foundation, a Washington state-based group whose staff has opposed paid sick leave and a living wage. The Freedom Foundation’s managing editor, Jeff Rhodes, even called a $15 minimum wage “an idea so stupid only liberals can believe it.”

The Murdock Trust also donated over $200,000 to the Portland Fellowship, a group that actually conducted the abhorrent practice of gay conversion therapy.

Share our video, and tell Wells Fargo and Jeffrey Grubb to distance themselves from the Murdock Trust.

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