While Workers Fight for a Better Life for Their Families, a Freedom Foundation Flunkie Dresses Up as Santa

The fight for economic justice is serious for workers, and can literally be the difference between having food on the table for their family or going hungry this holiday. Working families are having a harder and harder time making ends meet as income inequality soars because wages haven’t kept up with the cost of living and big corporations and CEOs are raking in record profits at the expense of their employees. One of the main vehicles we have for economic freedom is to organize a union to collectively fight for a better life.

For the Freedom Foundation, the struggle that average American workers experience is apparently one big joke. For the third year in a row, the Koch-funded organization sent one of their flunkies dressed up as Santa to harass Washington state union workers on their way to and from work, even in government buildings during business hours.

Apparently, one government agency does not want the shadowy Freedom Foundation harassing workers and asked them to leave. As expected, the anti-worker organization can’t resist a frivolous lawsuit that wastes taxpayer dollars. Instead of respecting the wishes of the agency and moving along quietly, the Freedom Foundation plans to file a lawsuit in response, according to Freedom Foundation leader Matt Hayward.

Matt Hayward threatens a lawsuit in his Facebook feed.

Freedom Foundation staffer Matt Hayward threatens a lawsuit in his Facebook feed.

Let’s be clear: this Santa tactic, like all the other stunts the Freedom Foundation has pulled, has not worked. Unions are as strong as ever. The Freedom Foundation’s real objective here is to snap a few pictures of “Santa,” throw them on a glossy pamphlet, and send them off to their out-of-state funders.

The good news is that the Freedom Foundation’s efforts have been futile in weakening the labor movement in the Northwest. The bad news is that their wealthy funders seem to keep giving them money to be a public nuisance in ways that put the welfare of workers at risk.

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