The Freedom Foundation Embraces an Alleged Domestic Abuser… Again

The extremist Freedom Foundation is bragging about their ties to an alleged domestic abuser… again.

While much of the country is talking about #MeToo and grappling with how to get justice for women who have been harassed or abused by powerful men, the Freedom Foundation used a recent email to gloat about being mentioned by Andy Puzder in an op-ed published by Fox News. Puzder is a former fast food CEO and Donald Trump’s failed nominee for Secretary of Labor. Puzder withdrew his nomination after his anti-worker record and a video of his ex-wife making domestic abuse allegations became public.

A screenshot of the Freedom Foundation's Nov. 17 weekly email update. The email boasts about the Freedom Foundation being mentioned in an op-ed by Andy Puzder.

A screenshot of the Freedom Foundation’s Nov. 17 weekly email update. The update boasts about the Freedom Foundation being mentioned in an op-ed by Andy Puzder.

Under CEO Tom McCabe, the Freedom Foundation has seemingly not taken the culture of violence against women seriously. The organization hired Puzder to speak at its two fall fundraising events in Portland and Bellevue, WA. Puzder was too extreme for confirmation by the U.S. Senate, but anti-union fundraiser attendees here in the Northwest paid $115/seat to hear him speak in Portland.

McCabe’s own staff has made jokes about assault and abuse. Freedom Foundation staffer Jac Cates, who is paid to approach workers at their worksites and homes, regularly posts and shares jokes about survivors of domestic and sexual assault on his public Facebook page.

Cates posted a bizarre and nonsensical joke about women who are trapped in abusive relationships: “I hate when men beat women! That being said, how could you date a guy who beat his wife??? Did you think you could be more special than his WIFE?!!!! But…., you love him… Moron! (sic)”

Cates has also shared a disturbing meme about finding a new girlfriend at a shelter for vulnerable women.

Another staff member, Washington Field Director Matthew Hayward, has joked about bringing a gun with him to the homes of workers.

McCabe’s lack of action against such violent rhetoric and behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Freedom Foundation staff members regularly attempt to interact with Northwest workers, including women. Workers should know that they consider violence against women acceptable, or worse, a laughing matter.

If you have reports of the Freedom Foundation’s nefarious behavior, please let us know.

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