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ZoomCare Medical Clinics and Bristol Farms Grocery Chain Enrich Anti-LGBTQ Investor

The Northwest Accountability Project is calling on ZoomCare (a Portland-based chain of for-profit medical clinics) and Bristol Farms (a Southern California grocery chain) to cut ties with the Murdock Trust, an investor that has spent millions funding extreme anti-LGBTQ organizations. Bristol Farms (which also operates Lazy Acres stores) and ZoomCare are both partly-owned by private […]

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The Koch Brothers’ Agenda in Oregon

Privatizing public services, cutting corporate taxes and slashing wages and benefits for workers   Anti-worker and Corporate Donors are using a collection of front groups to try and destroy unions in our state. Get the facts about who they are and their true agenda. WHO ARE THEY? These organizations market themselves as “think tanks” and […]

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Will your next home purchase support the extremist right-wing movement in the Northwest? A shocking look at the dark side of Conner Homes

Here in the Northwest, we are leading the nation in protecting the environment, honoring the rights of women, and supporting working families. These are the values of Washingtonians and Oregonians and the values that we expect from our business community. That’s why it’s shocking to learn that Conner Homes, a residential housing developer based in Bellevue, WA […]

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