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Meet Tom McCabe: The reckless, unethical, and failing leader of the Freedom Foundation

When conservative ideologue Tom McCabe took the reins at the Freedom Foundation as CEO in 2013, he made his goal crystal clear: to utterly dismantle the power of working people in Washington and Oregon. McCabe and the Freedom Foundation believe that if they take organized labor out of the picture, they can work with their […]

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While Workers Fight for a Better Life for Their Families, a Freedom Foundation Flunkie Dresses Up as Santa

The fight for economic justice is serious for workers, and can literally be the difference between having food on the table for their family or going hungry this holiday. Working families are having a harder and harder time making ends meet as income inequality soars because wages haven’t kept up with the cost of living […]

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The Freedom Foundation Embraces an Alleged Domestic Abuser… Again

The extremist Freedom Foundation is bragging about their ties to an alleged domestic abuser… again. While much of the country is talking about #MeToo and grappling with how to get justice for women who have been harassed or abused by powerful men, the Freedom Foundation used a recent email to gloat about being mentioned by […]

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