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Another Freedom Foundation Failure

Last week, the Freedom Foundation was handed another defeat in their failed attempt to destroy organized labor on the West Coast. A panel of judges in the Division II Court of Appeals unanimously ruled in favor of protecting workers and their constitutional right to privacy by denying the Freedom Foundation’s request for certain personal information […]

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Meet Tom McCabe: The reckless, unethical, and failing leader of the Freedom Foundation

When conservative ideologue Tom McCabe took the reins at the Freedom Foundation as CEO in 2013, he made his goal crystal clear: to utterly dismantle the power of working people in Washington and Oregon. McCabe and the Freedom Foundation believe that if they take organized labor out of the picture, they can work with their […]

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Portland City Council Votes to Protect Workers from the Freedom Foundation

This week, the Portland City Council stood up for working people by voting unanimously to keep workers’ personal information safe from extremist groups like the Freedom Foundation. We know the Freedom Foundation has targeted workers and a poses a threat to their safety, and we’re happy to see that the Council has made the right […]

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