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Statement on the Supreme Court decision on Janus v. AFSCME

In light of today’s U.S. Supreme Court’s decision trying to divide workers, Peter Starzynski, Executive Director of the Northwest Accountability Project issued the following statement: “Today, corporate interests won a victory in the U.S. Supreme Court and while many have referred to this case as a game changer or a deathblow for unions, the fact […]

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Is the Freedom Foundation an anti-immigrant organization or just a band of bigoted extremists?

The Freedom Foundation has claimed they might be showing up at union members’ homes unannounced in the coming months. While we don’t know if this is actually true (They tend to stretch the truth about what their organization does), this should be a cause for concern for anyone who values the safety and well-being of […]

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ZoomCare Medical Clinics and Bristol Farms Grocery Chain Enrich Anti-LGBTQ Investor

The Northwest Accountability Project is calling on ZoomCare (a Portland-based chain of for-profit medical clinics) and Bristol Farms (a Southern California grocery chain) to cut ties with the Murdock Trust, an investor that has spent millions funding extreme anti-LGBTQ organizations. Bristol Farms (which also operates Lazy Acres stores) and ZoomCare are both partly-owned by private […]

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