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Public officials aligned with Freedom Foundation may be expelled due to incompetence and corruption

Update 12/7/2018: The Thurston Conservation District public hearing scheduled for December 7 has been postponed. This post will be updated once a new hearing date is scheduled. More information can be found here.  In an unprecedented move, the Washington State Conservation Commission (WSCC) is holding a hearing this Friday, December 7th to vote on the removal […]

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Pension Cuts, Lay Offs, and Less Benefits: the Freedom Foundation’s Wish List for Workers

Behind their “Opt Out Today” smoke screen, the Freedom Foundation is deceiving public employees about their true intentions. Opt Out Today propaganda boasts about liberating workers from unions, using the same tired rhetoric that the billionaire class has been using for decades. The real story can be found in one of their publications, “State Budget […]

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Bob Wickers’ Far-Right Rolodex

Do you have what it takes to work at the Freedom Foundation? With his history of working for clients who fight against workers’ rights, Bob Wickers does.  A long-time political consultant to the Far-Right, he’s also the new “Vice President of Operations” at the Freedom Foundation. We’ve written about the exodus of women from Freedom Foundation leadership, […]

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