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Jac Cates: A Bigot Only the Freedom Foundation Could Love

By this point we are all familiar with the ultra right-wing Freedom Foundation and their goal of undermining workers’ rights and LGBTQ rights. What you may not know is that one of their tactics is to harass workers at their homes in a failed attempt to convince them to leave their union. But just who […]

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Pacific Continental Dodges on Jeff Pinneo and the Murdock Trust

When confronted with board member Jeff Pinneo’s involvement with the Murdock Charitable Trust and their funding of the anti-LGBTQ Alliance Defending Freedom and the anti-worker political groups National Right to Work and the Freedom Foundation, Pacific Continental Bank claimed it did not involve itself in its board members’ other business or board interests. That, however, […]

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Freedom Foundation’s Anti-Teacher Editorials Lack Credibility

Recently, a number of Washington newspapers have published anti-teacher editorials by the Freedom Foundation’s Jami Lund. The glaring omission in all of Lund’s editorials is context: There is no mention that the Freedom Foundation is a far-right political group focused on defunding unions so they can elect conservative candidates. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently […]

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